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We have been working with Anu for
25 years; buying & selling personal & rental properties. She has always been great to work with; keeping us updated on the process, meeting deadlines and gave us good contractor referrals. Anu is well connected & knowledgeable in Fremont & the surrounding areas.

Name:  Marsha & Bruce Baird
Phone:  (925) 303-2426

We met Anu at one of the open houses we were looking at and hit it off right away! Anu is very knowledgeable, friendly, good expert in the area we were interested. She wasn't excessively self-assertive or pushy and gave us the opportunity and time to make our offer. Anu was persuasive and able to negotiate with the seller agents in our favor. Lender recommended by Anu worked out well and she was proactive in closing the deal and getting the loan funded.

Name: Punit Awatramani

Phone: (312) 404-2542


Anu is our family Realtor!  She is great at what she does.  She helped my sister find a house, and now for us.  She's very personable, helpful and overall a great person.  She's an excellent Realtor and I highly recommend her!


Name:  Nalinee Srinivasan

Phone:  (408) 858-5994


Anu helped us sell our home as well as purchase a new one. She is very professional and a great communicator. She kept us updated every step of the way. Paperwork for both the buy and the sell went very smoothly and in a timely fashion.

When selling our home, she helped us prepare for the sale by giving us insights as to what the market expected and finally beautifully staging the house. When purchasing our new home, she suggested that we expand our search to make full use of Proposition 90. This saved us money on real estate taxes.

We would highly recommend Anu and her sons as your agent.


Name:  Bruce & Marisa Masatsugu

Phone:  (510) 552-4748


Anu worked with us to sell our home in Fremont.  She was great in managing the process from beginning to end... pricing our house competitively, marketing and staging our home to bring out it's best features, and closing the deal.  Goes without saying, she always kept our needs in mind.

Name:  Brock & Susan Peterson

Phone:  (510) 708-9575


Anu was a terrific Realtor!  She was professional and exceeded our expectations.  She was very informative and had tremendous knowledge of the current housing market and interest rates.  I was very happy to have her as my Realtor!

Name:  Annu Navani

Phone:  (408) 356-5292


We met Mr. Rahul Batra at one of our " Weekend house hunting" trip in bay area! Through him we were introduced to Mrs. Anu Batra. Both Anu and Rahul as a team were amazing in helping to find a single family house to purchase, while still helping us to sell our Townhome. Honestly if not for their perseverance and continued hardwork we would not have sold our place and purchased a home at the same time. There were times we were losing hope, but both Anu and Rahul kept our spirits up and were tireless advocate on our behalf for both selling and buying. It is hard to find people like Anu and Rahul in such a competitive realestate market. We were fortunate to meet Rahul and count our blessings to follow through with him. I strongly recommend " The Batra team" for your real estate needs.


Name:  Sarav Kaliyaperumal
Principal pathologist, Amgen

Phone:  (419) 902-8690


The Batra team helped us buy our first house this past summer. They were a great! We knew nothing about buying a home, so we relied upon their expertise from looking to homes, to eventually making an offer, and all the way through the closing. They were with us every step of the way. I was thoroughly impressed with their diligence and attention to detail. They really fought for our interest with the other agent, the inspectors, the title company; literally everyone involved in the transaction I I knew they had my back. This put us at ease, and we could focus on what was important to us, and leave the real estate details to them! Thanks for all the help and we would not hesitate to recommend this team to anyone.

Name:  Anurag Relan

Title:  Physician 

Phone:  (310) 962-0809


Anu and Rahul helped us with Selling as well as buying. Selling Condo: Very persistent with follow up with clients and kept us updated consistently Recommended upgrades and contractors that are cost-effective and ready to start open houses faster went above and beyond in helping through the sale process by assisting the banks and title company Buying House: Their experience played a crucial role for us in the following: determining the value of the house ability to estimate the cost and time to fix the problems out of inspection report Helped us in houses to avoid based on inspection reports, area as we were looking for a school for 5-year-old Closing the deal and assisting the bank overall, I felt very comfortable working with them and highly recommend.

Name:  Tamilselvan Karunanidhy

Title:  Software Engineer

Phone:  (408) 386-8079


Anu has helped us buy two houses over the last 5 years in the Bay Area. From our experience, Anu’s understanding of the market and price we need to place an offer for is spot on. We can say with confidence that there was never been an occasion where we placed an offer and did not get the house. If you are looking for a realtor who will make sure you win the house - Anu is the one for you. This is because Anu will go out of way to fully understand the demand for the property to recommend the right price for the winning offer. We would fully recommend Anu to someone who is bidding to win!

Name:  Vikash & Shankari Venkataramana

Title:  Software Engineer

Phone:  (925) 353-7620, (925) 353-0579


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